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Communicating Effectively with Your Teams

One Day Course

  • Deeper understanding of interpersonal communication.
  • Awareness of the barriers to clear communication.
  • Appreciation of the effects of positive and negative terminology.
  • The ability to ‘style flex’ in order to meet the needs of different personality types.
  • Ways to steer a conversation with effective questioning.
  • Appreciating accurate and active listening.
  • Recognising passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours and communication.
  • How to use assertive techniques and constructive ways to say “no”.

One-day course outline:
  • Communication as a two- way process, barriers and challenges to understanding.
  • Communication ‘mix’ verbal, vocal, visual face to face and over the telephone.
  • The impact of attitude and language.
  • The effects of positive vs negative terminology.
  • The primitive huma response and communication ‘leaks’.
  • Identifying social our styles and ‘flexing’ to better connect with different personality types.
  • Effective questioning techniques.
  • The importance and power of both accurate and active listening.
  • Recognising passive, aggressive, assertive communication and behaviours.
  • Demonstrating assertive behaviour.
  • The assertive approach and effects of the inner dialogue.
  • Assertive techniques.
  • Constructive ways to say “no”.
  • Ongoing development – action planning with time scales to review developments.

Benefits of the training:
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills within the digital age.
  • Ways to communicate difficult messages with an increased likelihood of positive outcomes.
  • Flexibility of approach when working with different types of personality.
  • Better control over the direction of conversations through questioning.
  • The ability to improve relationships by listening at the highest level.
  • Increased self – confidence from knowing how to communicate more assertively.

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