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Critical Factors in Maintaining Motivation

Two Hour Course


Levels of motivation generally surged as we embarked on the changes brought about by Covid 19. However, fluctuations can set in, especially during times of uncertainty. Managing these helps people to maintain consistent quality, both  of output and working life.

This two-hour session focuses on the fundamentals of motivation with some ideas of ways to  sustain and revive flagging spirits.

Two-Hour course outline:
  • Comparing motivation theories.
  • The effects of change and transition.
  • Ways to motivate at different stages.
  • Shaping motivation to suit different personality types.
  • Motivating through positive communication and high level listening.

Benefits of the training:
  • Help to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Better working atmosphere.
  • More constructive team attitude.
  • Ability to “style flex” according to individual approach.

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