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Managing Remote Teams in the 21st Century

One Day Course


Current circumstances mean that either entire or parts of the work force are working from home. Physical separation brings challenges for performance standards and  team cohesion. This half-day course addresses the essential skills on both operational and interpersonal levels to help people adapt and achieve the best outcomes.

One-day course outline:
  • Welcome, introductions and objectives.
  • Overview of remote working – challenges and opportunities.
  • Understanding your team dynamic, awareness of strengths and development areas.
  • Overview of management styles and situational leadership.
  • Maintaining motivation and trust levels.
  • Being visible from a distance – the crucial role of consistency.
  • Creating a communication strategy, common understanding of methods and timing.
  • Rewarding positive behaviour and addressing any negative.
  • Recognising the needs of different personality types.
  • Conducting video conference meetings for optimum engagement.
  • Offering encouragement and emotional support.
  • Creating a safe space for expressing problems.
  • Collective identity, cohesion and connection – opportunities for the firm to interact.
  • Summary, review and questions.

Benefits of the training:
  • Deeper appreciation of critical factors in remote management.
  • Understanding of management styles for different situations.
  • Remote communication strategies to support performance standards.
  • Recognition of ways to strengthen and support the team.

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