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Rapport Building with High Level Communication

Half Day Course


One message, delivered to several people, can generate a spectrum of reactions. This session focuses on improving the effectiveness and impact of our communication skills by examining different “operating systems”. With appreciation of the factors that influence how we create a rapport with one another, we can shape the way we put information across and improve the clarity and accuracy of how it is received. By “style flexing”, we meet different communication needs, improve mutual understanding and enhance effective working relationships.

Half-day course outline:
  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Course objectives, personal objectives.
  • Factors that influence rapport building.
  • Learning different personal “languages” for best understanding and response.
  • Social styles – identifying the different styles.
  • Understanding what the approaches need and how best to connect.
  • Behavioural Inclinations.
  • Representational models – how to speak someone’ “language” more fluently.
  • Matching and mirroring.
  • Positive communication – shaping a message for positive results.
  • Summary, review and questions.
  • Action Planning.

Benefits of the training:
  • Appreciation of different needs in communication.
  • Ways to appropriately shape a message.
  • Tools to create a sense of “getting along”.
  • Opportunities for more effective working relationships.
  • Increased ability to create mutual trust and understanding.

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