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Remote Communication to Benefit Both Manager and Team

One Hour Course


Sometimes there’s no “off switch” with remote team management. The urge to support people and be available must be structured to help productivity, team members and also managers’ own needs. In this one-hour session, we consider methods and relative purposes of communication, how to be visible and approachable whilst maintaining  suitable clear time for yourself.

One-Hour course outline:
  • Methods and timing of communication.
  • Clarifying and conveying availability for general questions and specific issues.
  • Explaining response times to emails.
  • What team members should do in case of urgency or emergency.
  • Planning and distribution of tasks.
  • Systems for collaboration with shared information.
  • Providing feedback.

Benefits of the training:
  • Mutual understanding when and how to knock on management’s door.
  • Reassurance for the team about availability of management support and guidance.
  • Streamlined information distribution.
  • Stress reduction.

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