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Structuring and Delivering Successful Presentations

One Day Course


This course is designed build confidence in shaping and delivering presentations. It examines the art of a good presentation, shaping the structure to convey a message with optimum effectiveness and appreciating audience requirements.

Course outline:
  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Elements of a successful presentation –
  • Objective – what do you want to achieve as a result of the presentation?
  • Considering the audience – what are their needs, likes and dislikes?
  • Structure –
  • What are the key points? – putting across a clear message with impact.
  • Opening statement to engage the audience.
  • Body of the presentation.
  • Closing statement.
  • Delivery –
  • Communication skills to enhance the presentation –
  • Breath, voice, body language, facial expression.
  • The importance of being natural.
  • Managing audience questions.
  • Timing the presentation.
  • Nerve control –
  • Tips for combating anxiety.
  • Presentations –
  • Delegates to prepare and deliver a brief presentation.
  • Feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Summary and action planning.


Benefits of the training
  • Improved confidence to give presentations with composure.
  • Increased understanding of how to structure a presentation.
  • Awareness of shaping presentations to fit different levels of audience understanding.
  • Improved presentation style.
  • Enhanced knowledge of managing audience questions.

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