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Excellent Customer Care face-to-face

One Day Course


In an ever more demanding environment, this course is for staff regularly meeting customers face to face who want to provide the highest level of service and gain more personal job satisfaction. It also serves as refresher course for more experienced staff to refresh and enhance existing skills.

One-day course outline:
  • Course objectives, personal objectives.
  • Who and where are our customers?
  • 21st century communication issues.
  • As a customer, how do you like to be treated?
  • The service equation – functional and emotional.
  • Micro-moments of interaction.
  • The importance of first impressions.
  • The communication mix.
  • Visual – facial expression, body language, posture and gesture.
  • Vocal – tone, speed, pacing, pitch, clarity and inflection.
  • Verbal – the words we use.
  • Communication “leaks” in unguarded moments.
  • Building in considerations for broader requirements e.g. hearing impediments.
  • Effective questioning.
  • Accurate listening skills – quiz.
  • Active listening.
  • Different types of customers.
  • Taking an assertive stance – the qualities of assertive communication.
  • Assertive techniques – basic, broken record, negotiation / empathetic.
  • What type of customer behaviour do you find challenging?
  • Assertive responses to difficult situations.
  • Dealing with outbursts of anger.
  • Non-stop talkers.
  • Coping Strategies.
  • Questions, summary and review.
  • Personal action plan.

Benefits of the training:
  • Deeper understanding the vital role of Customer Service.
  • An appreciation of what customers need and expect.
  • Awareness of how “micro – moments of interaction” shape our customer relationships.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Understanding the needs of different types of customer.
  • Approaching and dealing with problems in a positive manner.
  • Enhanced quality of working life.

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