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Shaping Content and Effective Email Communication

Half Day Course


The immediacy and frequency of email means that it can be challenging to anticipate how the receiver will react to a message. As we have only words to convey information, they are open to misinterpretation. Using this medium to best effect means generating optimum clarity and  anticipating areas of possible misunderstanding. Now we have this wonderful resource, we can benefit from using it to best effect rather than take it for granted. Once we know these techniques and they become part of the process the few moments for consideration can save us a substantial amount of time in the long run.

One-day course outline:
  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Course objectives, personal objectives.
  • Checklist of open questions in advance of sending any message.
  • Anticipating areas for possible misunderstanding.
  • Putting ourselves at the other person’s desk – conveying a message with the receiver in mind.
  • Structuring a message.
  • Email communication.
  • Attitude.
  • Linguistic content.
  • Operational.
  • Phrases than can indicate a communication breakdown.
  • How effective is this email and what are the other options – analogue or digital?
  • Who are you copying into the message and why?
  • Replying to emails – the difference between a knee jerk reaction and a measured response.
  • Summary, review and questions.
  • Action plans.

Benefits of the training:
  • Increased awareness of how to be completely clear using words only.
  • Time saved through reduced misunderstandings.
  • Appreciation of the relationship between quality and speed.
  • Enhanced understanding of how others might receive a message.
  • Improved resilience with clumsy incoming messages.

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